Behind The Scenes : Custom Embossing Stamps

March 13, 2018

Behind The Scenes : Custom Embossing Stamps

Custom Leather Embossing Stamps

New and Improved | We are very excited to have received our brand new, Custom Made, brass embossing stamps this week! Our new embossing stamps were custom made in two fonts & two sizes for us right here in the USA.

Our smaller size will replace our current embossing stamps that are used for our leather accents, initials on our leather keychains and belt key chains.

The second set is a brand new size for us in a monogram font. We can now personalize our luxury leather coasters with a set of initials or letters that are special to you.

Brass stamps hold up well to the heat and pressure used in embossing. This method of stamping is how we are able to create such deep impressions. Custom machined brass stamps produce a mark that is much crisper, cleaner, and even compared to standard embossing stamps. We are thrilled to now be able to make the best mark possible for our customizable leather products!

Custom Embossed Initials Leather Coaster Set
Leather Brass Embossing Stamps

Before & After : Bespoke Engraving

BEFORE | Below is one of our designer stainless steel Pet ID tags featuring our one of kind bespoke engraving. After working with you to create a custom design we then start the process to create our ultra deep lettering. We begin by removing 65 fine layers of material by sending multiple patterns of light across the design. Depending on the design our deep engraved lettering takes anywhere from 15 - 60 minutes to create.

Typically in the engraving industry, your lettering is only scratched into the top surface of the metal not deep engraved into the center of the tag. Our bespoke engraving process not only makes a beautiful mark but one that will last a lifetime!

AFTER | Our deep engraving is only one part of what makes our engraving so unique. After the material is removed each tag undergoes a multistep hand finishing process to clean, add highlights and create contrasting surface finishes. This ensures that your custom pet tag and design will stand out from any other pet tag!

Before and After Pet Tag Engraving

Another Before & After | A custom Sister necklace made from our 1" stainless pendants! This necklace features a custom request to mix and match two fonts to accent the word Sisters. For a small charge we can add additional lines of text or mix and match font, ask us how to customize your piece even more than our traditional options!

Before and After Engraving of Custom Sisters Necklace

Watch for more behind the scenes projects next week! If you love seeing what we're up to please check out our Instagram or Facebook. I post daily about cool projects, new designs, and behind the scenes videos or what's happening in the shop.


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