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People Who Really Love Their Pets

August 16, 2017

People Who Really Love Their Pets

Are you a fur fanatic? If so then this gift guide is just for you! Here are 6 awesome ways you can showcase the love you have for your furry pal.

Pets are such a huge part of people’s lives that is is becoming more and more common to buy your pet great gifts for their birthday, holidays, or for yourself because you love them so much. Pet lovers go crazy over gifts for their pets and gifts that have their pets on them. We have put together a list of gifts tailored for those just can't get enough of their furry friend.

Custom Pet Portrait Keychain

Pets are our best friends, protectors, adventure buddies, and emotional support. Carry a piece of them with you with this custom pet portrait keychain. Send in a photo of your pet and our artist will draw your pet to be engraved. Include the pets name on the front or back with a custom font that fits your pet's personality. Engraved portraits are the best way to have a simple reminder of your pet or as a memorial keychain to honor the life they lived and the happiness they brought you.

Pet Portrait Pet Tags

Custom Pet Portrait Bed and Pillow

Turn your fur friend into a piece of art for your home decor. There’s no better way to show your appreciation for your pets then getting a dog or cat bed with a portrait of them. If the bed isn’t enough, you can also get pillows with their portraits as well. It’s a great addition to your home decor that every pet owner can adore.

Pet Portrait Pillow and Dog Bed

Bespoke Pet Portrait Christmas Ornament

Decorate your Christmas tree with a hand drawn illustration piece of your pet. Every family member gets their own ornament to decorate the tree with, why not get one for your family’s most beloved family member. Once your pet has lived his or her life, this ornament will become a great memory for your family as they are watching over you.

Pet Portrait Ornaments

Cookie Cutter Custom Treat

If you make your pup homemade treats, use a cookie cutter with his or her name on it and the shape of your breed to make it extra special. Every pup deserves their own special treats. These cookie cutters can be personalized with your pet’s name. This cute idea is ideal for those who have more than one pup and have their own treat jar or specialty treats.

Pet cookie cutters

Dog Harness and Matching Tote

If you like to match your pup, these accessories are the perfect pieces. Maggie Modena has come out with totes that match your pups harness and leash. Harnesses are great for long walks where your dog would need some snacks along the way or for training away from home they would need some treats to be rewarded. These harnesses and totes come in stylish patterns and are durable for your pups adventures.

Matching Dog Harness and Tote

Family Pajamas

Some of us wait for Christmas all year long. It’s a time when all family comes together to celebrate. Family traditions on Christmas Eve include getting the whole family pajama sets that they wear to bed and wake up on Christmas with them. In most families, this tradition never dies and gets passed on to the next generation. These pajama sets are perfect for the whole family even the pup.

Family and Pet Pajamas

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