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Real Fingerprint Teardrop Necklace

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Special Request Product

Our Fingerprint Products can only be purchased by special request to ensure we can create a nice engraving from the fingerprint you have. Not all prints will engrave nicely so we want to be sure we create a quality engraving for you. 
Please email your fingerprint julie@mavenmetals.com before ordering. 

If you order without sending the print first we may, unfortunately, have to cancel the order if we are unable to make a nice engraving from the fingerprint you have.

Feel close to your loved ones even when they're away. Whether it's your child, husband or wife, or a family member fingerprints are a unique way to always have them with you. It's also a great memorial gift to remember someone special to you who has passed.

How To Send Your Fingerprint

To send a memorial fingerprint you already have, take a picture of a single print from a set of memorial fingerprints. Pick the print that has the most detail and take a close up picture in focus of this print and upload it below.

To make a new fingerprint :

  1. Use a pencil to darken about a 1 inch square section on a piece of white paper
  2. Rub one fingertip across the graphite-covered section of paper
  3. Stick a piece of clear tape onto darkened finger (packing tape works very well)
  4. Remove the tape from your fingertip and stick the tape onto the piece of white paper.
  5. Take a picture of your fingerprint and upload it. Picture must be in focus in order to engrave the full detail of your fingerprint. In order to avoid shadows and get even lighting, tape your print on a wall and take your photo.

    *You may use an ink pad to make your fingerprint as well.

    **If you send in a blurry print or with shadows, we will do our best to get as much detail as possible. If you send in a new photo of the print to be retraced after proof is sent, you will be charged a $25 artwork fee to recreate the graphic.
  • Approx 3/4" x 3/4" Brushed Finish Stainless Steel Pendant
  • 1mm Sterling Silver Box Necklace Chain
  • Comes packaged in our stylish and modern gift packaging

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