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Types of Engraving


Taking the time to create a personal gifts means you given a lot of thought to how much it will mean to the recipient.
When you dedicate your time to picking out a personal gift for someone you want the quality of the gift to match the sentiment.

We know how important your sentiment is which is why we wanted to make the absolute best, most beautiful engraving ever seen.
So that you can be proud to give your gift to someone you care deeply about.

From the beginning we wanted our engraving to stand out from the crowd.
This drive led us to develop a unique deep engraving/finishing process not found anywhere else.
We now offer two unique engraving styles that are unseen in the engraving industry today!


Unlike traditional engraving which is simply a burned mark or light scratch on the metal's surface.
We use a custom, high-powered, laser to remove up to 60 fine layers of metal creating an ultra-deep mark.
Our deep engraved lettering not only can never wear off, but also looks beautiful.

After deep engraving, we perform a specialty hand finishing process we developed that adds highlights/shadows to the engraving to enhance
the beauty and ensure the good looks will last a lifetime.

The edges and bottom of our engraved lettering is perfectly crisp and clean,
this is a result of our high powered engraver and a combination of unique settings we use to create a really nice looking engraved lettering.

If you look closely at many engraved gifts you can see that the engraving is rough.


Our raised engraved lettering and graphics is a one-of-a-kind luxury engraving process that is 
created by carefully removing the entire metal background surrounding the letters and graphic layer by layer.

Our unique raised engraving is created by removing hundreds of fine layers of metal so that the letters and graphic really pop out of the metal blank.
This unique process of removing the metal background takes one to two full hours of just engraving time.