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Mens Monogram Necklace


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Our modern personalized men's monogram necklace features any three initials of your choice. The polished raised letters come to life by removing the background material around the letters creating an edgy yet sleek look.

Wear your own initials or someone you love and feel good knowing you are wearing a one of a kind piece with meaning. Makes a unique gift for yourself or someone you love.

Front Engraving 
Up to 3 initials (uppercase letters only)
Character limit does not include spaces

Back Engraving
Additional text can be engraved on the backside up to 3 lines of text 13 characters per line. 

Reverse Engraving
This handcrafted pendant features our signature engraving style called Reverse Engraving. Our reverse engraving is created by removing up to 80 fine layers of metal so that the letters and graphic literally pop out of the metal blank. This extensive process involves removing much more metal than our standard engraving and each piece generally takes one full hour just to engrave.

Individually handcrafted, we sculpt our pendants by hand buffing and polishing the edges and sides of the blank to a fine finish using a variety of hand-finishing techniques.

  • 3/4" or 1" Brushed Finish Stainless Steel Pendant
  • Men's 2mm Stainless Steel Curb Chain
  • Comes packaged in our stylish and modern gift packaging

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