Star Coordinates Pendant Necklace

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Star coordinates are a unique way to represent a special location of your favorite star or a star that you purchased. Star coordinates are the perfect gift to remember someone special that has passed or a representation of your love for someone. This is the perfect couples gift to name a star after each other. The perfect accessory to have a constant reminder of the star that you own and memory behind it.

Learn more about Star Coordinates on our Blog.


There are several websites to get Star coordinates. Use Google Earth to find stars, search for a specific star at or buy a star at If you already purchase a star, send us the coordinates that are on your certificate.

  1. Star Coordinates are marked by Right Ascension and Declination
  2. Copy & Paste the line of coordinates that look like 2h31m49s +89 °15'51"
    We will engrave the format shown in our product photos
  3. If you need any help at all please EMAIL US 


  • 1" Brushed Finish Stainless Steel Pendant
  • Choose from 3 Sterling Silver Necklace Chains - See Necklace Chart
  • Comes packaged in our stylish and modern gift packaging
  • Character Limit - 39 Characters of text  ( Front side only )

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