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Real Handwriting Engravings

Real Handwriting Engravings

Real Handwriting Messages - Send us your original handwriting message and we will inscribe into a beautiful stainless steel tag on a bracelet or keychain. With our laser engraver, we are able to take your message or signature and turn it into a piece that will last a lifetime. 

What message should you send in?

Write something that is most meaningful to you or the person you will be giving this gift to. Choose a line from your wedding vows, favorite bible verse, message to a loved one, or a signature of someone special. Signatures are perfect memorial gifts to remember some who has passed. We are able to trace names and messages from special birthday cards or holiday cards to make this meaningful.  We always love to hear the story behind your special messages.

Here are a few of our favorite messages we have engraved to give you an idea of what we are capable of. If you aren't sure if we can trace it, go ahead and send it in and we will let you know if we can engrave it.

Handwriting Keychain Set

Handwriting MessageThis is one of our favorite handwriting messages where we combined a signature of the family last name with the cute doodles of grandma and grandpa. These keychains were made to give to all the family members. What a perfect way to always keep a part of your grandparents with you.

Actual Handwriting Keychains
Signature Engraved Keychain

Do you have a signature of someone that means a lot to you? Pick the best looking one and send it in to be engraved. This engraving is one of the most intricate and detailed in order to get the full signature to look like it was written into the stainless steel. Below is one of the most challenging signatures we were able to recreate into a keychain with an added bible verse to make it even more personal. 

Signature Handwriting Keychain

Handwriting Love Note Bracelet

Do you have special message from your boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse. You can send in a letter with your favorite message that you want to always have a constant reminder of on your wrist. This is the perfect way to remember everyday the special love you have for each other. 

Love Note Bracelet Engraving

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  • Renee Hanson

    As always, I love looking at all the new things Maven Metals is making. You guys are the tops in workmanship and caring. xos

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