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American Made Goods, Handcrafted in Idaho

Maven Metals is a husband and wife business located in beautiful Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. We specialize in handcrafted leather products and custom-engraved stainless steel. All of our items are created by hand and crafted with care from start to finish in our shop.

We strive to set our work apart by elevating the current level of personalized gifts, not only in marking quality but in material quality as well. Not relying on pre made supplies we design and custom manufacture all of our own 304 Stainless Steel blanks and shapes, as well as hand craft every leather bracelet and key chain in house.

When we do get time away from our work we enjoy spending our time mountain biking, paddle boarding and hiking.

"Our goal is to create a masterpiece that will showcase your special sentiment for years to come"


Our custom Leather Bracelets, Luggage Tags, and Key Fobs are hand crafted from start to finish in house! Our process starts with USA sourced, top grade, bridle leather hides we have custom made to our specifications.

This leather has been chosen for its durability, soft hand, and refined looks. All of our bracelets and key fobs are then cut from the leather hide, sized, formed, edged and finished. Our bracelets then receive one of our custom USA made solid brass snaps. These custom snaps are chosen for their durability, strength, corrosion resistance, and of course looks. 


Each of our custom 304 Stainless Steel pieces starts life as a rough blank. We design our blanks, which are then custom-manufactured for us right here in the USA. We prefer to source our stainless blanks domestically because although more expensive we have more control over quality and production.

After the blank is deep engraved with your custom lettering we add a special brushing procedure we developed for a soft consistent grain. We then hand shape, buff and polish each piece into the final product. Our finishing process not only brings out the highlights of the engraving but ensures a consistent, beautiful finish. 


Our lettering and graphics are deep engraved into our custom made 304 stainless steel blanks using a proprietary engraving process we developed over several years. You will not find engraving like this anywhere else!

After the lettering is deep engraved we color fill all lettering with professional grade paint. This ensures a high contrast mark that is not only beautiful but durable. Our deep engraved lettering will never wear or scratch off, made to last a lifetime!

Thank you for visiting our shop!

~Julie & Ben

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