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Artisan Made Jewelry

Handcrafted in Idaho

Maven Metals is a husband and wife team located in beautiful Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. We are a boutique shop that specializes in custom Titanium Jewelry and small handcrafted leather goods. All of our items are created by hand and meticulously crafted with care from start to finish in our shop.

We strive to set our work apart by elevating the current level of customizable jewelry and gifts, not only in marking quality but in material quality as well.

When we do get time away from our work we enjoy spending our time backpacking and mountain biking the wild backcountry of North Idaho.

"Our goal is to create a masterpiece that will showcase your special sentiment for years to come"



Every custom piece we make starts as a raw Grade 2 Titanium or 304 stainless steel blank. After the blank is custom engraved with your custom lettering we carefully hand sculpt each blank into a beautiful piece of jewelry or fine accessory using a variety of buffing, polishing, and sanding techniques.

We add then apply a special brushing procedure we developed for a soft consistent grain.

Our finishing process not only brings out the highlights of the engraving but ensures a consistent, beautiful finish.

Custom Titanium Jewelry



Blending machine precision with old-world hand craftsmanship we create beautiful, customized jewelry unlike anything offered before. Our unique process allows us to offer intricate, highly detailed 3D pendants that can be customized with your own words and designs.

Each pendant’s transformation begins with state-of-the-art machining equipment which we use to create your personalized design. Carefully removing hundreds of layers of metal, we carve your custom design into a stunning 3-dimensional relief.

Once the 3D relief is created, each pendant is carefully hand-shaped, and finished. This is where the true art form begins as our hand finishing process allows us to really bring your 3D relief to life by adding highlights, contours, and softness. These intricate details are crucial in bringing out the dimension and personality of each design.

Because each pendant is finished freehand it is a unique work of art and no two pieces will be exactly the same. Blending our artistic skill with your unique voice allows us to create something truly original together. A meaningful work of art.


Custom Lettering

From the beginning we wanted our engraving to stand out from the crowd. This drive led us to develop a unique deep engraving/finishing process not found anywhere else.

Unlike traditional engraving which is simply a burned mark or scratch on the metals surface. We use a custom, high-powered machine to remove hundreds of fine layers of metal creating an ultra-deep mark that, not only can never wear off, but also looks beautiful.

After engraving, we perform a specialty hand finishing process we developed that adds highlights/shadows to the engraving to enhance the beauty and ensure the good looks will last a lifetime.


Our fine leather accents are handcrafted in-house, one at a time, from vegetable-tanned Buttero Leather from the Conceria Walpier Tannery in Italy.

The leather accent is finished with black Italian edge paint and securely fastened with high-quality hardware. Each accent is then embossed with the initial of your choice and is available in several rich colors.

We proudly handcraft all of our custom leather products in house for each individual order. All leather products are made to order.

Beautifully crafted with a flawless, even surface, Buttero Leather is made with a labor-intensive method that requires skilled workers.

Veg-tanning is a natural, eco-friendly process that produces durable, exquisite leathers recognized for their depth of color and rich patina.

All of our keychains are then cut from our custom leather hides, sized, formed, edged and finished.

To elevate our leather products even more, we create ultra sleek painted edges. First, we burnish the edges smooth to create the perfect base.

We then painstakingly build up the edges by applying as many as seven, fine coats of Italian edge paint. The result is a smooth, durable finish that highly compliments our fine leather goods.


Starting with the finest made brass letter stamps we create our gorgeous embossed lettering by applying the perfect amount of pressure and heat.
Using this embossing method we are able to create deep impressions that are not only beautiful but will last.

We also have the ability to create "custom" embossing stamps with your logo or custom graphic for personal or corporate gifts.


For taking the time to meet us and learn our process. We are obsessed with making your custom jewelry or gift the very best we can!

Our Location

Maven Metals

9930 N Biztown Loop
Hayden, ID 83835

Mon - Thurs : 9 - 4pm
+1 (208) 719-9520 PST

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