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New Luxury Gift Boxes

New Luxury Gift Boxes

After several weeks of design and we are so excited to now offer a brand new custom designed box to specifically fit our leather key fobs and key rings. We believe that the packaging is just as important as the quality of the gift. A thoughtful gift deserves a package that reflects your thought behind the gift itself.

From a study done by SMU, they discovered a gift wrapped in really nice paper and a box created a greater gift opening experience. They proved that it affected how people perceived the gift. Overall they were happier when they opened the gift as it was a pleasant surprise for them. Gifts that weren’t packaged, people weren’t as happy to receive the same gift.

We take pride in the quality of our gifts and the packaging our gifts come in. We do all the work so that you can give your gift in confidence knowing that they will be happy with the whole gift experience. We want you our gifts to reflect the quality of your relationship with a special someone, client, spouse, friend, or family member. Our new boxes will improve the experience of our larger keychains providing a box that perfectly fits the gift and fit your occasion. We hope you enjoy opening our gift boxes as much as we enjoy creating your special gift.

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