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New Product: Handwriting Money Clip

New Product: Handwriting Money Clip

Handwriting is the most meaningful way to give someone a special message. We have just released a handwriting money clip. This is the perfect gift for those who like a slimmed down wallet and only keep the essentials. Just in time for all the major holidays this gift is perfect for any man you are trying to find the right gift for.

Handwriting Message

Think of what you would actually say to the person you are giving this gift to. This is the best way to find out what you should engrave. We love engraving your favorite quote, part of your wedding vows, special bible verse, or a message from your favorite holiday card. Feel free to get sentimental with this piece as it is always with them in their pocket. Whatever the occasion write the perfect message to fit the gift. This unique idea will be a pleasant constant reminder every time the money clip is used.

Whatever the occasion design the perfect gift with your special message. Watch our video below to see a close up of the money clip and special message.

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