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Preserving Family History with Real Handwriting

Preserving Family History with Real Handwriting

We love being challenged with custom requests! It keeps us on our toes and makes every day in the shop exciting not knowing what artwork we'll get to create next.

This real handwriting keychain was created by restoring several faded numbers from a very old document. After creating the artwork, piece by piece we carefully arranged each number into an important family date.

The last request for this custom keychain was adding our deep engraved State of California artwork. Preserving this piece of family history is an honor, we are truly blessed with the unique pieces we get to create!

Our standard handwriting keepsakes include artwork to create only one handwritten message all on the same paper but sometimes we are asked to take multiple words or pieces from a letter and combine them together.

If we can, we love to be able to offer this type of custom artwork. To combine multiple pieces of a letter does have an extra fee so if you would like to have something made from multiple letters please email me and I can give you an estimate of how much the artwork would be!

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