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Behind the Scenes : Stainless Steel Rings and Coasters

May 03, 2018

Behind the Scenes : Stainless Steel Rings and Coasters

Custom Made Stainless Steel Rings

How our Rings are Made

We are excited to have received a brand new set of stainless steel rings this week! Our metal is sourced and cut right here in the Pacific Northwest.

We love being able to show how the metal starts out from the beginning to the end of our final product. First we must purchase a coil of material in the gauge and width we need. The strip of metal coil is then fed into a large metal cutter and our custom ring shape is stamped out as the metal is fed through.

Below is a photo of one of our full metal coils. We purchased 2 coils of metal weight a total of 628 pounds. The metal coil on the right side is being fed into the metal stamping machine where our custom ring shape is stamped out.

Sourced metal and custom rings

Final Cut Stainless Steel Rings

As our rings are stamped out they are place in a bin ready for us pick up and bring to our workshop. Once they get to our workshop we are able to design, engrave, polish, and buff your final piece to be shipped to you for your special moment.

 Final cut stainless steel rings ready to engrave

Custom Logo Embossed Leather Coasters

Rayson Designs

We have worked with a local custom furniture builder in Coeur d'Alene to create the perfect leather coasters to deliver as a client thank you with a finished custom table. Rayson Designs wanted their logo embossed on a set of chocolate leather coasters to go with his classy custom wood table for a special client.

We created a custom embossing stamp with the Rayson Design logo to best fit our square coasters. Once this stamp is made we store your custom logo stamp for current and future products.

Custom logo leather embossing stamp for a client thank you gift and promotional gifts

Custom logo embossed leather coaster for client thank you gift

Custom logo embossed leather coaster for company promotional gifts

Once we receive the logo stamp, we were able to emboss a deep impression with Rayson's logo in a set of chocolate coasters. We can personalize our luxury leather coasters with a set of initials, a custom logos, or letters that are special to you.


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