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Projects Of The Week

Projects Of The Week

Projects we made this week

This past week we made a lot of really cool custom orders but one of our favorites was a set of personal leather coasters featuring a custom radio logo. To top the week off we received a unique request for a custom leather color in Navy Blue. This project will be shipping all the way to Australia!


Custom Logo Leather Coasters

Custom Logo Embossed Leather CoastersOne of the most unique orders we were able to make this past week was a set of custom logo leather coasters inspired by a loved one's passion project.

To create these custom logo coasters we worked with her to convert her artwork into a custom made metal embossing stamp. Once the metal stamp is made, we then emboss the logo directly into the leather with just the right amount of heat and pressure. This creates a deep, contrasting impression that will last a lifetime!

If you could personalize a set of leather coasters what would you customize yours with?


Custom Leather Color

We were thrilled to receive a unique request from a luxury real estate agent based in Australia to create a bespoke keyring that matched their branding. 

We were able to source a gorgeous Navy blue leather hide from England and had it shipped out shortly after. After receiving the hide we work to remove the heavy protective wax coating and prepared the hide for strap cutting.

Once the straps were cut to the right width we painted the straps of leather with several coats of black Italian edge paint to create a beautiful smooth edge. As each layer of paint is applied we buff and burnish that layer smooth before applying the next coat.

Once the painted straps are made we cut out each leather accent into a small round square shape.

The initial is embossed using a combination of heat and pressure to create the deep dark imopression.

Navy Blue Leather Custom Engraved Keychain

Custom Keychains for Luxury Realtor Closing Gifts

Design Your Own Key Chain

A few other custom pieces we created this week. This "Design Your Own" Keychain features a stylized butterfly and a monogram initial.

Custom Engraved Mountain Pet Tag & Custom Logo Keychain

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